How to Secure Email For Exchanging Confidential Documents

Email is used by billions of individuals around the world to communicate. It’s not always the best choice when it comes time to send confidential documents. With cyber and data security breaches on the rise, and data breach threats increasing, it’s important to know how to secure the transmission of sensitive information via email. In […]

The Difference Between Formal and Informal Meetings

Sometimes, information must be communicated to a department or company as a whole in a fairly unidirectional way which requires formal meetings. The formal meetings typically have a fixed agenda with predefined roles for participants along with a strict timeline and procedures. They are designed to boost efficiency and allow for effective decision-making and are […]

Choosing a VDR System

VDR (Vault Data Recorder) is an electronic device that records voyage data from all sensors on a ship. The devices can record diverse data such as the position of the vessel, its speed, and the depth of a vessel under various sea conditions. VDRs are able to withstand severe weather, collisions, and even fire. VDRs […]

Data Room Alternatives for Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms are responsible for a lot of sensitive data that requires strict security and quick collaboration. High-profile projects need to communicate securely with investors and internal stakeholders, whether they are raising funds, conducting diligence or closing deals. A virtual data room lets you manage these processes without the necessity for physical meetings and […]

Setting Up a Data Room

Before you start setting up the data room, it is important to understand which features are the most important. Choose a provider that offers the best solution for your company. A good starting point is to search for companies with an array of client testimonials and industry experience. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, be […]

What Is the Purpose of a Data Room?

The data room was an actual space that provided access to private documents for important business transactions, such as M&A or IPOs. Today virtual data rooms (VDR) offer a more convenient and cost-effective method of managing sensitive data. No matter the size of your business you will benefit from the security and convenience a VDR […]

What is a Virtual Data Room?

A virtual dataroom (VDR) is an online repository that enables secure document storage and collaboration between various parties. It acts as leverage in business transactions that require secure document storage and management, such as M&A or fund raising, as well as due diligence. VDRs private equity fundraising deals come with a variety of features that […]

Virtual Data Rooms for M&A Due Diligence

Virtual data rooms combine security analysis, security, and more to provide a powerful collaboration tool for any project. Whether it’s fundraising in a startup, arranging strategic partnerships, negotiating M&As or finding a cure for disease, VDRs make the project more efficient while maintaining confidentiality. A VDR (virtual data room) is an encrypted file repository that […]

How to Increase Board Meeting Productivity

Board meetings are an important opportunity for your directors to share their ideas and make decisions that will allow your business to grow. Unfortunately, these valuable sessions can easily turn into ineffective and waste energy and time. A productive board meeting begins with an agenda that is specific and clear. A well-crafted agenda for board […]

Virtual Meeting Software

Virtual meeting software is an alternative to in-person meetings and long phone calls that can drain your time and energy. It allows you to bring together clients and colleagues across the globe to work on projects, solve problems and stay in touch with one another. Dialpad Meetings is an application for dial-in conference calls that […]