A board management tool is also referred to as a board portal, offers a secure platform for centrally storing Board documents and facilitating meetings. They can be used to streamline the preparation for meetings and approval of documents following meetings, eliminating the use of email and other unsafe methods. They also make it simple to remove and replace outdated information. They also address security concerns related to sharing information that is unsafe via email by utilizing built-in advanced cyber security.

It is crucial to select a solution for managing your Board that meets the specific needs of your Board. The best options have a highly intuitive interface that is designed to work for directors of all levels and experience, and also a range of options to make communication more efficient. These include:

The centralized platform helps reduce the time needed to plan meetings, determining the best times for meetings, and sending agendas minutes, agendas and other documents. Directors are able to focus on the oversight of their businesses and provides them with up-to-date information that allows them take quick decision. They also provide tools to share information and webpage analyze the information to identify any imbalances and ensure that members are kept informed of latest developments.

Apart from ensuring that the meeting preparation is done and swept clean prior to the meeting, these tools also help with remote collaboration during actual meetings. This way the decision-making process gets more efficient and the quality of decisions taken is greatly improved.

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