There are papers that receive the designation of important and sensitive as they contain information that could trigger effects in the event of a security breach, like personal information such as health and wellbeing records or economical transactions. In the past, these papers had to be exchanged through physical methods, requiring an array of key individuals including executives and accountants to lawyers as well as internal and external employees to travel to the same place at the click here to read same time to look them over. It was a lengthy cost, costly and polluting method to transfer documents that were susceptible to thievery and unauthorised access.

Sharing digital documents is now a part of everyday business operations. Remote working and B2B purchasing are becoming more web-based. While this is a wonderful convenience but it can also pose serious risk. The majority of business owners are unaware of these risks.

Cybercriminals may be able to intercept emails and use the information for identity theft and malicious activities. Additionally, it is difficult to track who has read or edited documents sent via email.

A secure document exchange is a wonderful method to share files with customers, while keeping track of who has accessed them and modified them. These tools are designed to meet various laws regarding data protection and offer a robust audit trail, allowing users to trace any potential problems back to the source. In addition, they assist companies avoid penalties resulting from data breaches – which could significantly damage their reputation and profitability.

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