Taking minutes at an executive board meeting is a crucial job that requires concentration on the details. Making sure that you have clear and accurate minutes of meetings is crucial to be able to refer back to them in the future and legal compliance. It also shields the company from liability issues that could arise if the organization isn’t properly recorded.

You should have a template in place prior to when the meeting begins. This will help you stay organized and focused on the agenda items throughout the meeting. This will allow you to take notes efficiently and ensure that any other materials like reports or handouts, are included in the minutes of the meeting. You should also have a backup note-taking device in the event that your battery is not fully charged or you encounter other issues.

It is important to pay attention and make notes on the major points of each discussion topic when recording the board meeting. If you find it difficult to keep up with the discussion Ask other participants to www.powerboardroom.com/how-to-recruit-nonprofit-board-members/ repeat themselves or pause to record their thoughts clearly. Make sure to record votes for and against each motion. Including the names of attendees who are absent or late is also an important part of the process of taking minutes.

The minutes should be distributed to all board members by the minute taker after the meeting. This could be via email, hardcopy or via the board portal software.

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