Data communication allows electronic and digital data to be transmitted between two networks, regardless of the location or type of data. Businesses that make use of this technology can increase their operational efficiencies and competitiveness by interacting with one another more efficiently. It also provides the basis for altering business processes to make them more efficient and creative.

In today’s increasingly data-driven society the ability to find valuable information from a huge amount of information and communicate the knowledge to others is essential to the success of any business. These skills are developed through studying three fundamental areas that include: Understanding Data and extracting valuable Data and effective communication. With the growing importance of these subjects having a thorough understanding of get more the basics of business data communication is crucial for any student interested in the field of business or information management.

Acclaimed for its accuracy, cutting-edge orientation and clarity of the presentation, this best-selling book provides students with a comprehensive understanding of all they must know about information networking and communications systems including networking and hardware design to security and LANs. The text begins with a discussion on requirements, followed by an analysis of networking and communication options to meet those requirements.

The text is written with the aim to present technical information in a manner that is useful for employees and managers of businesses. To accomplish this the text is arranged around the needs and applications instead of focusing on the fundamental technology.

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