A safe board meeting gives directors the opportunity to express their opinions while remaining respectful, constructive and critical. This allows them the opportunity to consider their views and make informed decisions which contributes to the success of the company.

The chair of the board can create a safe and secure environment for the boardroom by setting the tone and showing respect. They can also be involved to ensure that discussions are civil and focused on the topic. The chair should also lead meetings so that everyone has time to speak and give the secretary the opportunity to take notes.

A well-drafted agenda is vital element of a safe board meeting. Prioritize the most critical items and then shift less critical items to later meetings. The agenda should include sections for executive sessions as well as reports that need to be reviewed or approved.

The process of distributing the agenda and any reports that need to be reviewed prior to the meeting will allow board members to do so. This will enable them to be more prepared for the meeting and cut down on time spent reviewing reports during the meeting.

It’s also important to offer ample time for discussion and questions at the meeting, since it can be difficult to complete an agenda without much discussion and debate. This is where a knowledgeable facilitator can be beneficial. Board members are encouraged to talk openly about safety concerns, incidents, and potential hazards.


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