Smartphones are a mine of personal information which makes them a prime target for hackers and government spy agencies. A VPN protects you mobile device by routing your internet activities through a tunnel encrypted, thereby shielding your online activities from the prying attention. There are a lot of trusted VPNs for Android devices.

However it is true that not all VPNs are made in the same way. A lot of free Android VPNs are scams that can get your personal data and cause speed and security issues. Most reliable VPNs with paid-for pricing offer a money back guarantee and a trial period, so you can test out the service on your Android device without worrying about data breaches.

The top Android VPNs prioritize user-friendliness and security. Find a mobile app that offers a one-click connection feature and optimized security protocols and a customizable kill switch. You should also choose one that has a huge server network to avoid congestion and find the fastest connection.

With a huge network of more than 1,400 servers in 75 countries, PIA is a popular choice among Android users. Its simple application and robust encryption will safeguard your online privacy, while its low cost makes it a great value. It also comes with a money back guarantee and what is logsprovider android outstanding customer service.

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