A study reported a significantly greater and dose-dependent weight gain over time in subjects with more frequent chocolate consumption. However, no information was provided about the consumer profile of enrolled subjects and the type of chocolate consumed . The observed effects on glucose homeostasis seem to be strongly dependent on the amount of polyphenols. Table 2 shows the studies on cardiovascular effects related to cocoa or chocolate consumption. In this review, we will discuss the main evidence relating to cocoa and chocolate, exploring the possible effects on human health related to their consumption.

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Kathleen still manages Botanical swirl cupcakes Dimensions as its president and projects director. McKenna formulated a concept about the nature of time based on fractal patterns he claimed to have discovered in the I Ching, which he called novelty theory, proposing that this predicted the end of time, and a transition of consciousness in the year 2012. His promotion of novelty theory and its connection to the Maya calendar is credited as one of the factors leading to the widespread beliefs about 2012 eschatology.

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The true nourishment comes from knowing, seeing and feeling just how perfectly life can be lived when we are supported by this Divine flow. Healthy grains were a primary staple in Bible times. Grains are some of the easiest natural foods to keep preserved for years.

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He really nails down the truth on what a brain numbing and dumbing down drug television is and has lots of interesting ideas. Like I said I don’t always agree with McKenna but he’s always interesting. I have listened to several lectures and interviews by and with McKenna but this is the first book by him I have read. With McKenna there are always things I agree with, disagree with, think to myself well maybe and some things I write off as sheer kookery but I always found him and his ideas interesting. His writing style is reminiscent of Tom Robbins, who led me in McKenna’s direction in the first place. If you’re a fan of Robbins’ fanciful writing style, you might enjoy Food of the Gods, as I admit I did.

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And the 1960s were an extraordinary window where sudden widespread use of psychoactive substances brought tremendous social change. An amount of social turbulence not seen in America in at least 100 years. Three days later, on April 19th 1943, Hoffman intentionally ingested 250 micrograms of LSD. He thought this was a very small dose, but because LSD is so concentrated, it was actually a very high dose.

The fact that these plants are strictly prohibited and culturally discouraged without any serious reasons related to health tells me that these things have the potential/ability to destroy/transform the assumptions upon which our culture is based. Maybe it’s unfair to judge McKenna on this point, as this book is more than 20 years old, so he didn’t have access to the same information we do today. But his distaste of drugs such as caffeine and sugar is partly a consequence of his condemnation of “patriarchal dominator culture,” in favor of “partnership” cultures. This divide, which McKenna also represents as being entirely black and white, is yet more baseless idealism, and a clear example of the “noble savage” trope. Although McKenna explicitly acknowledges that trope as something to be avoided, he continually represents modern civilization as corrupted if not outright evil, while literally referring to archaic societies as “paradise.”

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GAIA – The eternal pre-historic earth mother goddess of the soul who clothes us with the atoms of her essence. Reminds us to be grounded in the reality of nature and to balance and embrace all aspects of our selves from the heavenly to the earthly. Reminds us of the nourishing gifts that we can find in the darker places that we most fear. Reminds us that even in the midst of fiery eruption there is creation and new life. IX CHEL – Mayan moon goddess married to the sun, is the midwife to creative ideas.

Many people report feeling a sense of unity and interconnectedness, psychological boundaries dissolving. Second, slightly larger doses of psilocybin stimulate restlessness and arousal.As McKenna says wryly, stimulated arousal in apes leads to what a scientist might describe as “more instances of successful copulation.” Another slight evolutionary advantage. Our double mocha soy macchiato from Starbucks helps us get through those dreary Monday morning a little more easily. Yet when most people collectively start drinking this stimulant,it’s no exaggeration to say coffee reshapes our culture in its own image, by enabling and reinforcing certain behaviors. Coffee helps us get focused on boring work a little faster and makes our speech a little more feverish.