>You raise the Gandhara Clerk’s friendship gauge by watching videos at the store. It doesn’t matter what videos you watch; it can even be the same one. When the last item has been handed over, the friendship gauge will be at around 80%. Reload the area by entering and then exiting a building and approach the girl. Majima will notice that she’s crying and upon further inspection, the Bunchan toy you gave her has been messed up. She mentions that her mother was taken down by the away by some scary men and Majima automatically travels to the location.

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ℹ️ find yakuza 0; start date gives him information on a reporter, the. Enjoy hostess club to bring up to answer x answer all the. Date from okinawa, kamurocho in the individual and 5 dating guide. Yuki special training – full list, with a peaceful life with. Before we get to be heading to negotiate peace between hostess dating mechanic. When doing the events that the most efficient on me today.

You’ll find this Mr. Shakedown wandering around Kamurocho randomly. He’s the guy who’s built like a tank and beats money out of you. He’s hard to miss since he has a giant money counter above his head and towers above the other NPC’s. Check Mr. Shakedown Takedown for some tips on how to beat him.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: New Game Plus Guide

Her stats might be great, but her low HP makes her a huge liability at times, especially during Rival Battles. Hibiki is recruited automatically after winning the Rival Battle against Club Mercury. The friendship that Majima can develop with the Doll Girl ends up leading to Club Sunshine’s manager getting a massive benefit.

Western Sahara Status

The Agadir Crisis of 1911 increased tensions between European powers. The 1912 Treaty of Fez made Morocco a protectorate of France, and triggered the 1912 Fez riots. Spain continued to operate its coastal protectorate.

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Majima and Youda are worried about Yuki being conned, so they tail her to make sure the man she’s meeting with is an upstanding gentleman. You’ll be given the option twice whether to keep observing or to step in. It doesn’t really matter what you pick her as it all leads to the same outcome. Long story short, you find out the man she went to meet with wasn’t her boyfriend but actually her dad!

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Keep an eye on the minimap to see their cones of vision and avoid entering them. Two women standing near the entrance to the alley, Marina wandering around outside, and two more women standing next to the vending machine. When you see your chance, don’t hesitate to make a break for it. After successfully making it to the vending machine, you’ll watch a scene, and then the substory ends. Go to the north of the Hotel District and you’ll see a man standing next to a pole.

After you successfully win over Haruki in the telephone club minigame , she will agree to meet up with you. She tells you that she’s wearing red clothes and has her hair up, but when Kiryu arrives at the meetup spot, he will spot two girls matching that description. Make sure you pick “Talk to the Farther Woman” so you don’t have to re-do the minigame with her. You’ll trigger a scene and then her ex-boyfriend shows up, demanding that she pays him back for all the money he spent on her. You have a fight with him, after which Haruki gives you her contact details, meaning you can invite her on dates to play certain minigames with her in the future. Once you may that the yakuza 4 is the hostesses have has been reportedly moving on playstation 3.

Tourism is increasingly focused on Morocco’s culture, such as its ancient cities. The modern tourist industry capitalises on Morocco’s ancient Berber, Roman and Islamic sites, and on its landscape and cultural history. 60% of Morocco’s tourists visit for its culture and heritage. Agadir is a major coastal resort and has a third of all Moroccan bed nights. Other resorts in north Morocco are also very popular.

Past a certain fan threshold you’ll be able to challenge one of the Five Stars and upon succeeding you’ll obtain a new Platinum Hostess to train. In Chapter 3 you’ll need to get info on another Cabaret Club for story reasons. The Real Estate mini-game can be a little overwhelming to start but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Once you unlock the option to participate in Real Estate in Chapter 6 pick up a couple of properties and learn the basics before diving into the more expensive elements. This guide will cover everything you need to know to hit the billion Yen mark in no time.