Since religion is false, while God’s Word is true, it has to redefine words like repentance , faith , hope , obedience (rule-keeping), and grace (grease for the gears of self-effort), lest it be exposed for the sham that it is. Since the 2007 Religious Landscape Study, however, the share of U.S. adults who say they turn to practical experience has decreased by 7 percentage points (from 52% to 45%) while the share who say they look to religious teachings has increased by 4 points (from 29% to 33%). This turn to religious teachings as a source of moral guidance has occurred across many religious traditions, with the largest increases among evangelical Protestants and Catholics. Two-thirds of Catholics (68%) and mainline Protestants (65%) say some non-Christian religions can lead to eternal life, as do 59% of Orthodox Christians. This view is less common among other Christian groups.

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Religion As We Know It Never Existed

So religious illiteracy is a problem, not only for Americans to understand what’s going on here with Democrats and Republicans, but also to understand what’s going on in the world. So that’s the basic pitch about the book in terms of the problem that it tries to address. This is not a problem that I think is particularly controversial. These evangelicals and the Bible or Jews in America are really quite conversant with their own tradition. Our history is full of examples of this religious human dilemma; and is even written in the pages of some of our own holy text.

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Over all while the overview of society’s understanding of religions and their relationship with each other was insightful, the writing did little to engage or promote such ida pingala an understanding. But I think sometimes a problem is not biblical literacy but literalism and that too many people take every word literally. And I think just as important, more important from my perspective, is that people should know religious history and they don’t. If they did, maybe we wouldn’t be in Iraq, or if we understood what’s going on in the Middle East, if we understood the history, which of course is based on the religion. And so there are times when knowing a lot about your – I do believe for one – some people believe that the more you know about other religions, the more you’re likely to get along with them.

And the advantage of reinterpreting religion rather than starting again is that you get to keep the traditions, the beautiful buildings, and the structures and resources of a way of life stretching back thousands of years. I understand the objections to the beliefs of religion, but I find it hard to understand the concern if some people want to maintain the traditions whilst dispensing with some or all the beliefs. Having said that, I don’t believe that fictionalism extended much further than that in the history of Christianity. I wouldn’t want to claim, for example, that fictionalism about the resurrection or the afterlife have been common among Christians in history. Probably most Christians historically have believed in these things. How does this fit with the Armstrong’s distinction between belief and faith?

Its expectations of an imminent attainment of religious unity is as groundless as its claims to possess the only divine manifestation for our age. This is an exceptional work that challenges and rewards careful reading and thought. Estimated delivery dates – opens in a new window or tab include seller’s handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods.

The phenomenon I want to examine with you shapes American society also, and therefore, reflection on it, I think, is worthy of our effort. To your response, as I may not have made clear__ to say Grace & the Law of God to Moses are covenants at all, no! There are several covenants + the Law of God to Moses & many other aspects of God’s instructing us in love, in the 5 books of law, chronicles & prophets – the Old Testament. The Newer Testament is like an adjunct yet, also an essential part. In thinking about what you wrote is it any surprise that the truth of grace had to come outside of the United States who has become so full of laws that you almost need a permit for breathing,which the government is trying to impose as it is. I did start a Grace home fellowship with 2 other couples which lasted for a couple of years.

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We know you’re blessed because you’re a pretty good guy, but once you see the true unmerited favor of God operating in your life you finally begin to understand how this thing is really supposed to work. Saying, people don’t measure up or is he saying the condition has more to do with ‘unbelief’? That people would like to change is akin to, ‘I’d like to chew gum’.

I want to stay in the stream of God’s grace and faith, as I know this is where He has called me. (But hearing the mixture of law and grace can get old at times!). When the majority of us here first heard this message we were probably in a church that wasn’t preaching pure grace.