After the install, log on again using your Facebook account. Another method to uninstall from your iPhone device is to press and hold the Facebook app until it shakes. Then click on the delete x icon on the top left corner of the Facebook app. Facebook is the most popular social media platform used worldwide. With it, you can share and get information via the news feed, posts, comments, chats, and make video calls.

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Sometimes though there are some problems that may occur with Facebook such as the issue on Facebook news feed not loading. Multiple ways are tackled in this tutorial guide that can help you on how to fix the issue. You can try each method and see what works in your situation. Tapping or clicking this will immediately hide the post from your News Feed.If you’re trying to hide an ad or suggested post, select Hide Ad instead. Unfollowing people will remove their posts from your News Feed.

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This is where you will discover new content through recommendations in addition to connecting with your friends and family. From Home, you can also create a Reel, see what your connections are sharing on Feed and in Stories, and build community over new and shared interests. Your Home tab is uniquely personalized to you through our machine learning ranking system. This system takes into account thousands of signals to help cut through the clutter and rank content in the order we think you will find most valuable. These days all kinds of posts or stories appear in the News Feed — pictures, videos, check-ins, life events, shared memories and a whole lot more.

December 18, 2017: Engagement Bait

The Facebook news feed feature was introduced in 2006 and was met with some concern from users, who feared the updates made it too easy for others to track their updates and activity on Facebook. As a result, Facebook changed the feature to allow some user customization so that personal updates, such as a change in relationship status, could be set so that they would not automatically be sent to friends. In 2010, users were also given the ability to customize how much they heard about certain friends.

They saw more Groups content, because Groups is one of the few places on Facebook that remains vibrant. And they saw double the amount of posts from public pages they don’t follow, often because friends commented on those pages. “We reduce the distribution of these posts massively as they seem to be a constant quality compliant,” the researcher said of the public pages. SocialMediaToday aggregated research from different sources and found that video is the top-performing content type across all major social media platforms. When relevant, use video content to boost engagement and send relevance signals. The Algorithm looks at all the content that could possibly show up on your newsfeed, meaning posts created by your friends and family, ads, and posts from the pages you follow.

September 11, 2014: Offensive Or Inappropriate Ads

Facebook’s default timeline display is based on the company’s algorithm that shows users what it believes is relevant and important. Even back in 2015, Facebook representatives explained the reasons behind not using chronological order on its timeline. My pages feed has disappeared from my business page, and when I click on ‘posts’ on the left-hand side of the menu it shows me only my own posts.

These types of sites usually publish existing news content from more reputable sites and then surround that content with a bunch of ads. Users can expect to see these types of links less and less in their News Feeds. Facebook is hoping that a decrease in traffic to these sites, scammers will be less inclined to continue these practices. Facebook wants to reward video creators who produce quality content for viewers.

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