Thus, the speaker suggests that he made the right decision and saved both nature and mankind. In addition, the river in the poem is a symbol of the human inner world and the depth of man’s feelings and emotions. In the poem, the doe symbolizes the form of nature that is worthy pity. The description of the doe is connected with the man’s feelings when he touches the dead animal. A key feature should be examined that all seemed to have overlooked. The poem is not as a narrative paragraph, but as a poem.

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And the exhust turning red as it passes the tailights not only is a beutiful image but it signifies cultivateur huitre the doe’s blood. I think this poem is all about the comparison of nature and science. In this poem Traveling Through the Dark the poet William Stafford describes how he was moved by the death of a pregnant doe when he was driving a car along the mountain road at night.

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‘Traveling through the Dark’ by William Stafford is a powerful poem about life, death, and nature. The lines depict someone’s choices in regard to a dead, pregnant doe he finds on the side of the road. The car is suddenly given characteristics of an animal. The car aimed its lights ahead as if it had the choice to.

The steady engine purred as if the car was quite content. The car is probably how the deer was killed in the first place but in the authors eyes the car is not a killing machine but instead warm and inviting. Those who are talking about nuclear bombs and the choice between life and death, and humanity are all over analysing. First of all you are not taking into account the title of the poem.

Lines 1

It is found twice in the poem and this one word captures the essence of what Stafford is trying to say. It may not be by choice but everyone encounters a situation in life where they must stop and make a choice, they must swerve, go around, take another path. We plan things but the way we perceive our future is never the way it turns out, unexpected events occur and that is where choices need to be made. The decisions we make at that time is what life is about. The persona is driving along Wilson River Road, when he comes across a doe lying on the side of the road.

If the deer is pushed over the side of the road the fawn will die. Yet again Staffords word choice makes the image clear. This creates a certain atmosphere, one which is uncertain and filled with suspense and danger. This darkness symbolises the unknown and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The poem ‘Traveling Through the Dark’ is about a man who was traveling along a road at night when he came upon a dead deer at the edge of the road. The unborn deer has a warm comforting death apose to one filled with cold lonesome nights and starvation.

William Stafford And A Summary Of Traveling Through The Dark

The point of view Frost uses of the two roads diverging is a metaphor for the choices a person has to make over the course of a lifetime. “Way leads onto way” suggests that one choice leads to other choices. The two kinds of sighs in the poem are a sigh of relief and a sigh of regret. We know that he is stopped by the life inside that run over deer of an unborn baby deer. This series of events are what shows how the author indents the importance of moral values and how life can take an unexpected road.

He is forced to swerve in his thinking because he has been forced to notice. A simple job he must do to protect human life now become a larger commentary on humanity. In a way, the machine “breathing” its exhaust is meant as a mechanical contrast to the very real life “exhausting” its breath inside the dead doe.