One of the most common leaks reported to us by customers is freeze proof yard hydrants. Most all newer water service meters have a small triangular shaped needle on the meter face. If you have all faucets, toilets, and water using appliances turned off in your home, this triangle should not be turning. Wisconsin has laws on the books for a number of different areas of education law, including compulsory education, school record privacy, and corporal punishment. For example, corporal punishment is prohibited in Wisconsin schools.

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And his friend’s reaction is just priceless as well, we can just watch them interacting on loop forever.

Trying To Catch The Cold Air From The Vent

JOB DETAILS. LOCATION. Port Washington, WI. POSTED. High School maritime pet supplies Diploma or GED with law enforcement, military, and/or security experience. State Guard Card plus other certifications/licenses, as applicable.

Jane Street Quant Vs Swe

A tale as old as time, battle as old as the ages. Cats and dogs never really got along, and this hilarious gif proves once and for all who has the upper hand in their ongoing battle. This dog might be on his way to becoming the doggo equivalent of Serina Williams, with his seemingly undying love for this Tennis Ball.

Catamarans For Sale By Owner In Texas

It’s absolutely hilarious to watch, and we just want them to high five each other or something. This is no other explanation as to what’s going on here- it’s just another derpy cat being derpy in a way only derpy cats know how to. Unfortunately, he’s not getting any right now, but that’s okay because his funny face has us laughing buckets right now, so we’re all good with is suffering. He sure does have that special look on his face that dogs only have when they’re at their derpiest, and need food right then and there. This dog is incredibly athletic, only too bad he doesn’t use his god-given athleticism for anything useful but channels it to some hilariously derpy territory.

Derpy Derp Being Derpy

After being shared to the popular Subreddit “Animals Being Derps,” the video has gained over 37,000 votes in just one day. 5 gadgets that will improve your life Every year we are seeing more and more gadgets hitting the market, and it’s important to understand … Home sweet homeSure, this time they just fooled around, but what if they break something? We don’t think that the hilarity is worth it, but what do we know?

Seal Team Derp

We expect the dog will get his revenge sooner or later, on the carpet. This is a next-level move by these monks, who must tune out all worldly distractions. So putting a derpy doggo to contrast their devotion is the perfect way to practice their zen.