In each corner, there are convenient pockets to keep valuables like your phone safe from water, sand, or dirt. The drawstring travel bag includes a carabiner so you can strap it to your hiking bag. Keep all your bedtime favorites nearby in this convenient bedside caddy. It holds a ton of stuff like your TV remote, phone, favorite book, tablet, or water bottle, and it’s just $17. It has two large pockets, one drinking bottle pocket, two exterior pockets, and a hole for your USB charging cables or headphones. The caddy is made of soft, yet durable felt that holds it shape and can support up to 20 pounds at a time.

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This book is for the person in your life who knows the Zombie Apocalypse is coming. It was penned by a Saturday Night Live writer as comedy, but the reviews say it’s so well-researched that it crosses the line from parody to practical. It comes with 100 line drawings, and advice on everything from killing zombies to making your home a fortress.

When he is not writing he will more than likely be found streaming his favorite games, recording music with his band Vicar, or cuddling his dogs. The Megalixer is arguably the best means of rejuvenating a party. When used, this item will fully restore the health and magic of each character on-screen.

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Enjoy listening to some good music, watching your favorite show, or reading a novel while having a bubble bath. I love this adjustable tub tray will hold your book, iPad, towel, glass and phone perfectly, letting you have a relaxing spa session. This non-adhesive shelf liner is great to use on counters, drawers, shelves and cabinets. Being easy to clean with sponge or moist cloth, I use them under pickle jars and sauce bottles to avoid any stains. Letting something go or throwing it just right to watch it fly through the air brings a simple kind of joy that delights old and young alike. What makes these particularly cool things to 3D print is how basic and easy most designs are.

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You may also like this easy to make a DIY Cat tree for your cats. You may also like these unique and imaginative wall storage ideas to decorate your home walls in a unique style. You can drury skips also try these upcycling ideas for the home to make functional things out of recycled material. We can’t end this list without having some kind of gadgets in it. We’ve found some useful products for the tech in the family.

This light therapy lamp mimics natural daylight without the harmful effects of UV light — which can come in handy during the colder and darker months of the year. It uses 10,000 Lux LEDs that help to boost your mood and give you similar effects as the sun without the burn, and you can choose among various levels of brightness. Its compact size makes it ideal for your home office, kitchen, or workout room.

This is one of the few times you’ll get access to Ann Taylor printable coupons. However, you can always shop in-store to find lots of items on sale, too. I hope the 3D printing ideas above answer your question about “what to print with a 3D printer? ” If you want to enjoy the best in life, try 3D printing and you will surely love it. Start working on the 3D printer projects above because they are cool things to 3D print. If you love to add new colorful items in your kitchen, better include these 3D printed multi-color citrus coasterson your 3D printer projects.

Inside these light-blocking headphones, it’s dark and you can control the ambient sound. These headphones are comfortable to relax in, and they have memory foam cushions around your eyes and head. Unlike bulky travel pillows that are hard to fit in your already-packed lugged, this one folds down small. But when you’re ready to nap, it can be wrapped around your next and provides support for upright snoozes. In fact, the rigid inner frame will let you fall asleep without the neck pain involved with leaning against a window.

Stop your detergent from oozing and spilling out with this neat print, designed to fit many detergent bottles. It’s a bit hard to see what it is, but it’s basically an exterior wall with a rough texture that has a hole in it with a pipe sticking out. This custom print covers the hole up perfectly, even on the rough textured wall. Many times your clothespins get broken so here’s a nice solution.

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Large kitchen trash bags can be transformed into a comfy mattress or used to clean up your campsite. Cleanliness will be doubly important during a major disaster. Safety pins are great for hanging items from your pack, off your jacket, or keeping a tent door closed. Ponchos obviously keep you dry, but they can be used for a variety of other purposes as well. Paper clips are tiny and weigh almost nothing, but they’re very useful in a survival situation.