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The same point could be argued when it comes to china cymbals. However, one of my favorite Zildjian chinas is the K Custom Special Dry Trash China. It has such a unique sound and I love the earthiness of it. So, most of the top splashes or chinas will be either A or K Customs. Since splashes are intended to sound high-pitched and aggressive, I’ve found the A Custom splashes to be the best option for that brighter cymbal sound. The Zildjian S Series Performer cymbals are the reintroduction of those cymbals under a different name, and they sound the same as they did when I was playing in that church.

Dating A Zildjian Cymbal

However, the sounds also have full-bodied warmth, making the cymbals sound much higher-quality than cheaper bright cymbals. The result of these cymbals shows Zildjian’s commitment to quality and spirit in constant innovation, at the price that any drummer can afford. The innovative hammering process, vintage style lathing, and vintage patina finish make these cymbals timeless and unforgettable. The A Zildjian series is super versatile, and no matter if the cymbal model is thinner, heavier, or thicker, a bright and sweet sound will project across any range. These cymbals are a great choice because they work for all genres and all settings. Because of the alloy and techniques Zildjian used in producing these cymbals, they are the perfect choice for drummers who play jazz, swing, or in a big band.

The Different Stamps Of A Zildjian Cymbals

More often, you end up lost in a thread with a mix of helpful posts, and some posts that have nothing to do with your cymbal. Avedis Zildjian came to the United States and started making cymbals under the label “A Zildjian” in 1929 in Quincy, Massachusetts. These were contemporaneous with the K Zildjians from Turkey, but the styles diverge greatly. Click here to see a timeline of A Zildjian cymbals.

Buffing it probably ruined the grooves and sound of it. I am not a machinist but that what I think anyone out there a machinist. Sabian AAX cymbals are extremely popular in the gospel drumming scene.

Although Zildjian also makes percussion and sticks, they’re most widely known for making cymbals. The Extra Dry and Vintage lines have earthy appearances that will turn heads at every show you play. Many drummers have seen these beautiful cymbals on social media and decided to give Meinl a go. One quality of Meinl’s cymbals that is loved by many drummers is that most of the Byzance cymbals have stunning visual aesthetics. The world is filled of great zildjian cymbals, making it difficult to choose.

The best budget cymbals from Zildjian, in my opinion, are the S Series Performer cymbals. These cymbals are heavy and bright, making them worthy options for many harder styles. I wouldn’t suggest using this cymbal for jazz or softer style situations. This also means that it’s a great cymbal for crash/riding with.

How To Choose The Most Popular Zildjian Cymbals

The Zildjian headquarters is in Norwell, Massachusetts. Like most cymbal brands, the Zildjian company was started in Europe. The company started in 1623, meaning it’s almost 400 years old. I’ve become a professional drummer since then, so my cymbal taste has matured a lot. However, I think the Zildjian S cymbals are a strong competitor in the budget cymbal game. They’re obviously just nowhere near as good as the pro cymbals that Zildjian offers.