My mother tried to help him being the good person she was but I was not having it. I avoided him mastectomy bra near me every chance I got till he got the message to fuck off. He even offered to pay the rent and utilities if we let him move back in. My mom and I both said “no way”. After he finally got the message, he disappeared again and only called when he needed information about a doctor. Aside from that we were a disposable address and phone number to him.

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We didn’t have a nice or loving home ever. I always felt in the way and pretty miserable and really lonely and isolated. I’m an only child too which makes it worse. I told my mum what had happened but he accused me of lying and she sided with him. The impact of the whole thing has affected my whole life. I also feel bad for him because he has this cancer and he’s going to die soon and he is terrified.

I Make Art Until Someone Dies

I would think that the person dying would want us to live and be happy. I know there are benefits of grieving together. I’m not knocking that at all, but I think the way this turned out where my mom was feeling the shock and sadness, and where I was inside of me, I think really helped. Because I was there for her, I listened to her, and I gave her that safe space to shed her tears and express her grief. And it felt good to be there for her, even though I was sad for her now, because now she’s sad, and I didn’t know it would affect her that much, but I felt more prepared in that sense. I’ve had people die in my life that I was very fortunate to be able to connect with before they died.

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I don’t think that I could get a word in a lot. And he was extremely inappropriate and rude. When grieving someone you didn’t like, or with whom you had a complicated relationship, there can be a feeling that any “unfinished business” will now have to be left unfinished.

The biggest problem was her chain smoking in the house around my toddler and also the disgraceful state of her house. My son was coming home with multiple styes on his eyes and reeking of secondhand smoke. I was crying every day that I dropped him off. And I know she made sure the house was extra smoky to upset me.

I disliked Art loooong before he killed his wife because he proved himself to be a liar, a self-centered jackass, and an all-around psychopath many years ago. Just read his own comments for a sample of his “philosophy”–if you could call it that. “Airyn, I feel bad for you. Like Ramona, you are expendable and replaceable. Found this in google.

If someone thinks it’s’s art. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. What I think people object to is seeing an “artist” making money or a reputation off a work someone else doesn’t like. To me, the only difference is art that sells or is exhibited and art that doesn’t or isn’t. What anyone else thinks shouldn’t matter. We all have a personal definition for what art is.